Custom Created Timeline of Case Events-"Killer" for Summation

In cases in which the date and even the time of events are critical, will create custom, fully descriptive and imaging embedded timelines which are fully scalable and expandable.  During summation, you will overwhelm your adversary with these timelines and hammer home your arguments and evidentiary references with sequenced and summarized evidence-both real and demostrative., you and your experts; a winning combination!

Each timeline item can be color coded (for a particular defendant, for example) and embedded with case documents or images and set on the dynamic timeline which can be scaled by the decade, year, month, day, hour and even minute

Note that each embedded document or image can be premarked and highlighted to guide the jury on summation, with each embedded document or image able to be enlarged or "zoomed" into for maximum persuasive effect.  Note the drawing in red above-a drawing made by an expert on the stand that was projected in real time to the jury as he drew it via a webcam created with the ipad (iphone can also be used in this fashion).