Sigmoid Colon Perforation during colonoscopy

Sigmoid Colon Perforation during colonoscopy which went undiagnosed for 11 days.  Key evidence was the extensive EMR 1800 page chart which was made entirely text searchable to locate 42 instances of "iatrogenic injury" following colonoscopy to highlight defendant's fault. The imaging shown is by the "war room mode" of the ipad trial presentation software which allows a fully controlled preview of the evidence formulates, sequences, presents and annotates, zooms and highlights live in front of the jury to keep them fully engaged. has the tools and capability to tame that huge paper tiger chart, to make it text searchable and to "on the fly" if necessary project it live to the jury with highlights and call outs to make the point to the jury.  Your adversary will be overwhelmed with your facility with the evidence.  We bring a laser printer to print specific highlighted pages of any exhibit, in original and annotated form, for admission into evidence with foundation laid by the witness live on the stand.