At trial, you will no longer...

- fear the old school tasks of getting your case materials into Court (or the "schlepping" of it back and forth from your home or office)

- suffer the task of managing your case materials during the course of trial

- have to scour the Courtroom for that missing document or terribly insufficient hard copy poster-board document

- endure the uncomfortable and embarrassing pauses in your case presentation as you flip through pages of documents for thatsheet from which your Post-it has apparently fallen

- worry that you are boring or confusing your jury with droning oral testimony without visual engagement of the jury


Instead, with, you will...

- work with you to visually script your case presentation for maximum persuasive effect

- give you the flexibility to turn on a dime should the presentation take favorable yet unanticipated twists and turns which require thechange up in display of evidence to the jury

- and enjoy the assistance of a trial attorney with 30 plus years of trial experience at your side, not only having assisted in the fullcase preparation but possessing that important second set of eyes to give you immediate feedback about your case presentation.

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