We will assist in the preparation of your experts to effectively educate the jury, while providing you with another set of “legal eyes”. You will have our experienced courtroom litigator by your side, who has multiple million dollar verdicts to his credit. He will be with you in Court displaying your evidence, assisting with on-the-fly legal research for those pesky motions in limine, assisting in the drafting of your requests to charge and verdict sheet and assisting in the visual scripting of your entire case presentation with electronic Bates stamping of exhibits, sequencing of documents and imaging-all able to be electronically exchanged with adverse counsel and supplied to Court in advance of trial for a streamlined and efficient Courtroom attack.

With YourTrialSupport.com having set up your digital "Trial Book", your case preparation will be amazingly streamlined.

  • No "war room" blizzard of documents, transcripts and other potential evidence flying around a cluttered room.
  • No searching through a paper file to find what is needed.
  • No need to re-type or redraft documents or portions of documents to create summaries or other syntheses of case particulars.
  • No Post-It's, hard copy highlighting or even cutting or pasting physical file materials
  • No running around to experts' offices for preparation meetings
  • No copying and recopying documents and items for expert review and/or incorporation into anticipated trial evidence
  • No preparing or copying of case materials to exchange with adverse counsel or to prepare for the assigned Justice
  • Instead, once we have created your digital trial book, we will assist you in breaking down your file for trial preparation by assisting in
  • - The digest and highlighting of relevant portion of deposition testimony
  • - The selection, review, mark up, annotation and highlight of all substantive documentary evidence
  • - The creation of combinations of documents, imaging and other items of evidence to fully instruct the jury or finder of fact
  • - The scheduling and conduct of virtual meetings with experts as you enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own office
  • - The selection and sequencing of all anticipated trial evidence
  • - The creation of a custom, content-embedded timeline for case presentation-extremely important where the sequence and during ofevents are important to your case
  • - All subject to 11th hour, even live before the jury, revision and amendment
  • Instead we offer fingertip convenience with turn-on-a dime retrieval of the necessary information and documents