Read what Seth D. Bader, a leading New York and New Jersey personal
injury trial attorney had to say about us:

We were faced with the daunting and arduous task of presenting an exceedingly complex, multifaceted, and lengthy personal injury case to the jury which required a fast-paced, yet understandable approach. YourTrialSupport stepped right in and imaged our entire case materials which included documents, photographs, expert prepared diagrams and videos. They then assisted in the formatting and sequencing of the evidence, broken down by witness and held three way on line meetings with our experts and assisted in witness preparation. YourTrialSupport then appeared in Court and provided all digital display equipment along with in-Court scanning and printing facility. Their experienced trial attorney was continuously available not only to present the imaging but also to strategize and function as an second pair of eyes in the ourtroom, giving insights and suggestions. The trial presentation was impeccable and brought to the jury the full mpact of the evidence which led us to a highly successful outcome.

I will make continued use YourTrialSupport and strongly recommend them to the bar at large.
— Seth D. Bader, Esq., Bloomberg Steinberg & Bader


Read What Duane M. Fiedler, A Leading New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Had To Say About Us:

Whenever you are faced with the challenge of making a complex malpractice case understandable to a jury, it is always preferable to present a visual case-one that engages a jury and coherently guides them along to the conclusions you wish them to make.

With, you will have the ability to break down every aspect of your case, from digested and sequenced deposition testimony upon which to question party defendants, to the full case medical records in the most meaningful order and annotated with cross-reference to other records, to imaging, and to demonstrative static and moving imaging together with related testimony.

This assistance, a highly experienced malpractice litigator in the person of Stephen P. Haber, was impeccable. He not only created our full electronic trial book, he hosted Webex meetings to prepare our experts during which we prepared our direct examination through the selection and ordering of real and demonstrative evidence and then joined at trial to project and otherwise present the evidence in a highly compelling and persuasive manner.  The level of jury engagement was unparalleled.

Mr. Haber also assisted in both legal research and drafting of our claimed deviations, the requests to charge, our proposed verdict sheet and assisted in making and/or responding to those pesky motions in limine.  Having legal research capability and an able trial attorney in Court to assist was exceedingly helpful.

I will make continued use YourTrialSupport and strongly recommend them to the bar at large.

Law Office of Duane M. Fiedler

Read What Gerry Grunsfeld, Esq., a Highly Experienced Trial Attorney Says About Us:

I had practiced Medical Malpractice on both the defense and plaintiff's side for ten year before working with Stephen Haber of, yet he brought my understanding of the medicine to a whole new level. I do not know another attorney who knows as much medicine as Mr. Haber. Mr. Haber excels at using technology to maximum effect so that the jury remain a captivated audience throughout your case. 

Mr Haber has a vast wealth of trial experience, a pleasant demeanor and presents well to a jury.
I currently have Mr. Haber booked for a future trial and look forward to working with him on many trials in the future. I give him my highest recommendation.


Read What David Oddo, Esq. Had to Say About's

Assistance on a Recent Trial

When trying a medical malpractice case, it is imperative that you present your case in a manner that allows the jury to clearly understand the issues and gets them totally engaged in the trial. My experience has taught me that the only way to do this in our age of smart phones, sound bites and social media, is to maximize the use of technology to help the jury “visualize” the case as opposed to just “hearing” it. Face it, the days of boring exhibit boards are over. However, for us “old school” trial lawyers, organizing an effective hi tech trial presentation is a daunting endeavor, especially for the tech challenged among us. Thankfully, Stephen Haber, Esq. and has made it easy. Recently, I was fortunate to have Mr. Haber’s assistance on a very difficult medical malpractice trial. His ability to electronically organize the file and to create a dynamic, seamless and effective presentation for the jury helped me obtain a great result for my client. Having an experienced trial attorney like Mr. Haber in court to assist me with last minute motions in limine, legal research and exhibit organization, was invaluable and I am looking forward to using his services in my next trial.

David is a Partner of the Firm of Okun Oddo & Babat,, a member of the NYSTLA Board of Directors since 2010.  He has also served as a lecturer on topics concerning the economist’s role in trial preparation and presentation, the use of biomechanical experts at trial, as well as the role and function of the U.S. Civil Justice System.